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The Word of God—The Bridge between Him, You and Us


by: Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr Abstract The common word means not only the acceptance of Divine Unity but also attachment to the One with our whole being and therefore including love of the One and moreover the love of His creation or the neighbor for the neighbor comes from the One and returns to It. Consequently, one can say that not only Divine Unity is a common word between us and you but that...

Iqbal’s final address to God and the Prophet


by: Dr. Saleha Nazeer Abstract Armaghān-e Hijāz (The Gift of Hijaz) is the posthumous work of Muhammad Iqbal, published a few months after his death in 1938. This poetic work remains rather incomplete, because we find blank pages in the original text by Iqbal. In fact Iqbal wanted to take this work with him as a gift on the pilgrimage he had been planning for a long time but in the last years of...

Cultural Relations between Austria and South Asian Subcontinent With Special Reference to Iqbal


by: Muhammad Ikram Chughtai Abstract The extensive and deep rooted interactions between Austria and Turkey can still easily be traced in the family and place names, mostly familiar in present day Austria, and also in some of the dialects of the federal provinces like Steirmask and Kainten in which numerous loan– words of the Turkish origin are used. In the comity of world nations, Austria is the...

“Empty-handed from an Orchard”
The Role of Muhammad Iqbal’s thought in Awakening Universal Sense of Justice on Jerusalem

by: Dr. Shahzad Qaiser Abstract The struggle of Truth against falsehood and Virtue against vice and so forth has not come to an end in the history of Man. It continues to take different forms in different epochs and countries. The development of human consciousness both inwardly and outwardly has put an enormous responsibility on the shoulders of every person to stand for Truth. A tragic failure...

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal’s Role in the Grant of an Extraordinary Pension to the Widow of Sayed Nadir Hussain Shah: A case study of a victim of army recruitment drive in colonial Punjab during the First World War


by: Dr. Tahir Mahmood and Dr. Muhammad Sultan Shah Abstract  This article brings into focus Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s contribution for the welfare of a family that was affected during the coercive recruitment system introduced during the First World War. In the light of revealing new sources it argues that although conscription was never introduced yet the level of coercion experienced by the...

From Young to Old: a Comparative Study of Iqbal and T. S. Eliot


by: Khurram Ali Shafique Abstract Eliot’s first professionally published poem appeared in Munroe’s magazine in June 1915. The title was ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’. It was the time when Iqbal was reading the final proofs of his first “professionally published” poem, ‘The Secrets of the Self’ (Asrar-i-Khudi), in Persian. His poem appeared soon afterwards in September. The two poems, each...

The Forgotten Treasure of Iqbal’s Reconstruction


by: Dr. Muhammad Maruf Shah & Dr. Ibtasam Thakur Abstract Iqbal is the unique flowering of poetical, mystical and philosophical genius in recent Islamic history. What makes him truly modern and gives him a permanent place in the annals of modern history is The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. Reconstruction makes Iqbal the most important intellectual of modernist Islam. His...

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