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Iqbal’s final address to God and the Prophet


by: Dr. Saleha Nazeer Abstract Armaghān-e Hijāz (The Gift of Hijaz) is the posthumous work of Muhammad Iqbal, published a few months after his death in 1938. This poetic work remains rather incomplete, because we find blank pages in the original text by Iqbal. In fact Iqbal wanted to take this work with him as a gift on the pilgrimage he had been planning for a long time but in the last years of...

Ibn Arabi Passions Truth to Dialogue: The Paradigm of Connectivity


by: Dr. Muhammad Maruf Shah and Dr. Musarrat Jabeen Abstract Inter and intra belief systems dialogue features ceaselessly, because of the new experience and new revelations which bring new challenges and demand new understanding. Emulating truth showcases the mindset of cultures and civilizations; it flourishes when connectivity based on truth prevails. Ibn Arabi passions: Truth to Dialogue;...

“Empty-handed from an Orchard”
The Role of Muhammad Iqbal’s thought in Awakening Universal Sense of Justice on Jerusalem

by: Dr. Shahzad Qaiser Abstract The struggle of Truth against falsehood and Virtue against vice and so forth has not come to an end in the history of Man. It continues to take different forms in different epochs and countries. The development of human consciousness both inwardly and outwardly has put an enormous responsibility on the shoulders of every person to stand for Truth. A tragic failure...

Do Muslims and Christians believe in the same God?


by: Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi Abstract Muslims and Christians do indeed believe in the same God. It can be substantiated with the help of two chief sources: the revealed data of the Qur’an, and the inspired data of the mystics of both Christianity and Islam. The Qur’an–and the Sunna or Conduct of the Prophet, which is an eloquent commentary thereon–provides us with irrefutable evidence that the...

Making the Inconspicuous, Manifest: Aesthetics of the Bedouins


by: Mamoona Khan Abstract This research is aimed at exploring the aesthetics of a race that dwells in the region which is the cradle of Islam, habitants of which are generally labelled as uncouth and uncivilised. First half of this paper hence, strives to determine status of the race, probing the ethnicity of people that can rightly be entrusted the sobriquet, Bedouins. While the second half...

Sources of Tolerance and Intolerance in Islam


by: Dr. Ibrahim Kalin Abstract Islam’s encounter with other religions is as old as Islam itself. The two sources of Islam, i.e., the Qur’an and Hadith, contain extensive discussions, narrations, and injunctions on the various religious traditions before Islam and especially Judaism and Christianity. The Muslim awareness of the multiplicity of faith traditions is evident not only in the Qur’an but...

Religious Tolerance:
Some Observations in the Context of Islam–West Encounter


by: Muhammad Suheyl Umar Abstract If the ideal of freedom is based less on ideas of inalienable natural rights than on the notion that all truth is relative, then the mainstream Islamist thinking will need to unhitch itself more explicitly from the broadly Western paradigms which it accepted for most of the twentieth century. Yet the relation Islam/Enlightenment seems predicated on simplistic...

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